Friday, November 8, 2013

Vacation Log - What Actually Went Down - Day -1

Day -1:
I got to work at 530am today and left at 730pm to try to catch up and wrap up some work. I think i'm about halfway there...I left work to go shopping for a backpack and a polariod xs100 camera to record stuff while on my trip (they're similar to GoPro, but i'm too cheap to buy a GoPro).

Best Buy's website said they had the polariod xs100, so I go there. They don't have it in store.  I go to Dick's sporting goods (it was next to best buy) to check out backpacks. The backpacks seemed like whatevs.

I check out Fry's to see if they have good GoPro alternatives, they don't. By now it's 830pm, and I really need to shop for my backpack. So I go to REI. At 9pm they tell me they were closing, so i grab the backpack I was staring at the longest (it was also on sale). I then go back to Dick's sporting goods to see if they had anything similar (in case i find something better at Dick's because by now i can't remember what i saw there the first time, since I can return the REI bag) - yes, I know I am a dumbass. Dick's didn't.
I then go to Target to see if they had any good GoPro alternatives. They don't.
I decide that I'll get a camera when i get to japan. I don't know why I was so obsessed with buying a camera that night. I was being a dumbass.

It's 10pm. I go home to pack, pay bills, and stuff. and do laundry. and write a blog entry. i fail at life.

this was the backpack i got.

it looks kind of cool from the back too.

and it turns out my grandpa in china told my dad to tell me to bring some walnuts and raisins. so my dad bought some for me to take to my grandpa. (because they don't have walnuts and raisins in shanghai, obviously). i grudgingly agreed. but only the walnuts, because the raisins are way too heavy.

Day 0

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