Tuesday, October 22, 2013

about.com sucks

The site usually provides useless information that is already know or way too generic.
Their banner frame at the top that won't go away is so annoying.
So about.com is basically fucking useless!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vacation Planning - Multiple Countries in Asia

Im asian and I'm going to asia!
Here's my high level plan and flight itinerary, although I haven't planned out the day-to-day details of the trip yet:
  • LAX to Osaka (with 8 hour layover in Tokyo): leave work Friday afternoon at 2osh, take off at 440pm, land in Tokyo at 1030pm of Saturday night for 8 hour layover, go clubbing/roaming/shopping till dawn, take flight to Osaka. Don't sleep and visit Osaka on Sunday. Visit Kyoto for 2 days, take train to Tokyo and hang out there for 3 days. Leave Tokyo a little before midnight on Friday, after having spent 6 days in Japan.
  • Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur (7 hr flight, sleep on plane): arrive in KL around 6am. Check out KL for the day, leave KL at 5pm for Singapore.
  • KL to Singapore (1 hr flight): arrive in Singapore, probably go clubbing. Spend 2 days in Singapore till Tuesday late night, fly to Hong Kong
  • Singapore to Hong Kong (4 hr flight, sleep on plane): get to HK on Wed morning. Check out the city/go clubbing, etc, till Friday night. Fly to shanghai.
  • Hong Kong to Shanghai (2hr flight, 7pm to 9pm): See my relatives. Stay inside, stay at home, spend time with my grandpa.
  • Shanghai to LAX (1hr layover in Seattle. I could've selected a longer layover and check out Seattle a bit, but the flight lands monday morning at LAX at 10am. I'm going straight back to work)
I'm kinda jk about doing all that clubbing by myself. (Maybe)

Here's the rest of my detailed planning (worthless, dont read this):

Here's my record of what actually went down:

Here's a boring discussion on how i bought plane tickets(also worthless, dont read this):

My way of doing trip planning is to plan out the big stuff (buy the big tickets for the big cities i know i'm going to hit) and then plan out the details when I have time or when I get there. (Kind of like that that analogy about how in order to fully fill a jar, you fill it with big rocks, then little rocks, then sand, then water). I guess that's how everyone does trip planning. Or is it? (how do you do trip planning?)

I kind of first list out the requirements of must-sees from using http://www.tripadvisor.com/. Then I find tours/plan routes to hit up those must-sees. http://www.tripadvisor.com/ is a great resource because it ranks attractions.

It turns out that I'll end up spending about 3 days per destination with a population of 5-7 million people. I guess that's fair.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Decision Making and Control

We all want joy.
One way to obtain joy is to have control over our lives.
Control = choice.
No Control = not having choice.

But having too many choices results in indecision, and as a result, also no control.

I see all of work as decision making.
All of work  can be summed up as:
-Gather inputs (do research, get contracts)
-Perform analysis (on the inputs you've gathered)
-Make decision (provide recommendation, powerpoint, etc)

Whether flipping burgers, or making CEO level decisions for multibillion dollar company, it's all about decision making.

Burger Flipper:
Inputs = Customer orders
Analysis = Quick decision/recall on whether to put the patty on first or make the drinks first
Decision = Execution of what was decided

Inputs = Some report about what competitors are doing, risks, account summaries, etc.
Analysis = Think through possible decisions, build models (or tell others to build models), etc.
Decision = Order a merger/acquisition layoff, R&D, etc. Affecting the lives of hundreds of employees

The harder the analysis part (the smaller the amount of people on Earth who can do it) the more the person doing it is paid.