Monday, October 11, 2010

who's stupid

Commentary on who’s stupid:

-apple’s stupid for not being more open source and only allowing mac owners to develop apps
-at&t’s stupid for sticking with the iphone so much and not offering more android devices
-microsoft’s stupid for suing motorola just because motorola doesn’t have a model that uses windows mobile os this year, while all the other android device makers like HTC and samsung do
-nokia’s stupid for allowing itself to lose so much US market share over the past decade and still try to market its symbian os
-samsung and sony are stupid for making cheap feeling, plastiky, curvy, lightweight, un-durable phones that have no metal in the exterior, that feel like a piece of arrowhead bottle you can crush in your hands. The iphone and HTC and Motorola phones feel much more solid
-subaru’s stupid for changing their flagship vehicle model to an ugly hatchback only trim in 2008 and taking 3 years to correct that mistake by now bringing back the wing on the sti. (still kind of ugly, sad to say, but i still like Subaru. Yes, I’m stupid for still wanting to buy one even though I can’t afford it)
-good job to motorola because it’s back in action. after it came out with the razr, it pretty much died and went off the radar for 4 years. i’m glad they’re back.
-smart move on Verizon for offering phones that have gsm capability, such as the Motorola droid 2 global
Source: google, and wasting time regurgitating non life-impacting information
Interesting quote:
“if you’re not trying to board the next plane while mid-flight, you simply won’t stand a chance of remaining competitive in a here today, gone tomorrow world.”
Overall conclusion: i gotta get myself off facebook and web surf less

(i’m stupid for being ignorant and calling everyone else stupid)