Monday, November 7, 2016

Windows 10 has Linux Bash Shell!!

doooodd, Windows 10 now has a linux bash shell! (As of the Windows 10 Redstone upgrade on August 2, 2016)

The war is over! I'm gonna try to never buy an Apple product ever again!
(So far I've only bought 1 Apple product in my life (a macbook) still no iPhone/iPad/iPod/iPOS yet, thank goodness.)

Apple decided to go fuck itself  by making expensive as hell laptops that have no ports and dumbass features like a 1 pixel wide touchscreen bar that costs $1800. (And the entry level $1500 Macbook pro doesn't even have this dumbass narrow touchscreen.)

I've been wanting a convertible tablet/pc for several years now and Mac isn't even close to making one, while on the PC side, there are several Thinkpad Yoga's/MS Surfaces/etc to choose from (ok fine, some of them don't have ports either).

For several years, I've been wanting ONE device that can do the following (in order of priority):
1. A laptop I can program on
2. A tablet for reading or video watching (e.g. while on a train)
3. A stylus that lets me take handwritten notes with so I can ditch pen/paper notebooks (and also so I don't have to flip through hundreds of pages of notes to find that one note)

Some other weirder requirements:
4. Thin bezel (the dumbass macbook still has a huge 1" ring of nothing-ness surrounding the screen, wasting room)
5. Can potentially play computer games

I caved and bought a macbook last year because it has a Bash shell terminal. But now with Bash shell on Windows 10, requirement 1 is fulfilled on PC! So screw you Apple!

At one point, I was wondering what Microsoft still had going for it what with the advent of Google Docs taking away Microsoft Office market share, Macbooks being more popular than PCs, and most developers preferring open source instead of Windows .NET framework (because Microsoft isn't considered "cool"). But I guess Microsoft never stopped innovating. They kept experimenting and now, doing things such as going into the hardware space with the Surface line, and now, they're cooler than Macs. They're not gonna turn into Yahoo. I can't wait till I need to replace my current macbook pro in a year or so so I can AVOID getting the new macbook pro. (Please don't dissapoint me Microsoft)

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