Wednesday, July 10, 2013

25, Background

I was looking up some artist on wikipedia and it said he was born in 1988, age: 25. And I thought, man, 25, that seems like an appropriate age to be well-known and looked up on wikipedia for. Eighteen or ninteen seems a bit young, and anything older than 25 seemed slightly too old and late.

But it saddened me because, well, I'm 25. And I wish I had done more with my life. I wish I was famous, and looked up on Wikipedia for, and received glory from man for.

Ironically, the artist I was looking up was Andy Mineo, because he's featured in Lecrae's song, "Background". Guess what it's about:

Perhaps a more fitting song for me then is KB's "I can't play the Background":

Or perhaps not.

I have very narcissistic desires. How do I stop them? (I guess if I'm not a Christian, there's no real objective reason to stop them, as long as those internal desires don't flood out and make me a douche-bag on the outside as well?) It's so silly/foolish/immature that I want fame, yet I've done nothing to deserve it.

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