Wednesday, September 5, 2012

things i heard from the democratic national convention that i liked

-the way you run a business and make it grow is you invest in R&D
-a country is a lot like a business and its R&D is its education, infrastructure, broadband internet, healthcare system, etc.
-Romney wants to cut all of those things, while the BRICS, and even Europe are investing more than us in those areas

-what the veteran said about how republicans are eager to send people to war, but stingy about helping out the veterans

what clinton said
-the republicans' plan just doesn't make sense. it defies arithmetic
-how can republicans promise they'll cut the debt when they want to cut more taxes but increase defense spending?
-that causes crazy cuts in everything else (infrastructure, education, social welfare, etc.)
-romney didn't defend his policies in his speech
-obamacare forced health insurance companies to put 85% of their spending to actually providing health to the people they claim to be insuring, instead of spending on higher paychecks and more advertising. 
(i realize squeezing health insurance companies will cause a lot of people in those industries to lose jobs. but maybe it has to get a little worse before it gets better? because if those health insurance companies get what they want, yes the thousands of people those health insurance companies employ will get to keep their jobs, but millions of others will get screwed - financially and bodily)

-Eisenhower, a republican, and a general at that, built up America's infrastructure

what some commentator on pbs said
-12 years before clinton went to president, republicans tripled the debt.
-clinton balanced the debt
-george w bush doubled the debt

if i got some of these facts wrong, who cares. i'm pretty set on who i'm voting for.
the DNC was for the most part logical and made sense.
i didn't listen to the RNC as much, but the main things i heard out of it was to choose respect not love, which confused the hell out of me, and their bashing of the "you didn't build that" quote they took out of context.

as long as obama doesn't become this guy

but to keep things in perspective, the top 1% of americans do pay 40% of all of the US's taxes. that doesn't seem so fair either, does it? if you busted your butt to become the 1%, you wouldn't to pay all that tax either...

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