Saturday, January 14, 2017

Links relevant to AMD, AREDS and AREDS2

AMD is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD):

AREDS and AREDS2 (Age-Related Eye Disease Study) are 2 studies conducted by the NIH that resulted in a recommdation of supplements to take to combat AMD:

Several drug companies then produced the formula, but not all stuck to the study's recommendation

Friday, November 25, 2016

Shitty Haikus

Today is Sunday
And tomorrow is Monday
Damn, I want a job

It is so lonely
In bed, but can’t fall asleep
To-do list, miles deep

All that I do, fails
This feeling never subsides
All that I touch, dies

Earth hurling through space
The rapid approach of dawn
5am, can’t sleep

If only I could,
git clone, branch, and merge myself.

Black friday shopping
rampant consumerism
just to save 30 bucks
at the cost of 4 hours of shopping
but some are not as fortunate to value their own time as much
and a deal is a deal
gifts need to be given and traditions need to be upheld
Even if living from paycheck to paycheck

Buying things that we don't need
Because they were on sale
To fuel that dopamine kick
At the destruction of the earth
Fucking capitalistic consumerism...

4 bucks for a cup of coffee
It's a bit expensive
Do I really want that
Swipe credit card plastic
Thank you, here you go and have a good day
I haven't touched cash in weeks
Is this real
4 bucks for a fucking coffee?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Windows 10 has Linux Bash Shell!!

doooodd, Windows 10 now has a linux bash shell! (As of the Windows 10 Redstone upgrade on August 2, 2016)

The war is over! I'm gonna try to never buy an Apple product ever again!
(So far I've only bought 1 Apple product in my life (a macbook) still no iPhone/iPad/iPod/iPOS yet, thank goodness.)

Apple decided to go fuck itself  by making expensive as hell laptops that have no ports and dumbass features like a 1 pixel wide touchscreen bar that costs $1800. (And the entry level $1500 Macbook pro doesn't even have this dumbass narrow touchscreen.)

I've been wanting a convertible tablet/pc for several years now and Mac isn't even close to making one, while on the PC side, there are several Thinkpad Yoga's/MS Surfaces/etc to choose from (ok fine, some of them don't have ports either).

For several years, I've been wanting ONE device that can do the following (in order of priority):
1. A laptop I can program on
2. A tablet for reading or video watching (e.g. while on a train)
3. A stylus that lets me take handwritten notes with so I can ditch pen/paper notebooks (and also so I don't have to flip through hundreds of pages of notes to find that one note)

Some other weirder requirements:
4. Thin bezel (the dumbass macbook still has a huge 1" ring of nothing-ness surrounding the screen, wasting room)
5. Can potentially play computer games

I caved and bought a macbook last year because it has a Bash shell terminal. But now with Bash shell on Windows 10, requirement 1 is fulfilled on PC! So screw you Apple!

At one point, I was wondering what Microsoft still had going for it what with the advent of Google Docs taking away Microsoft Office market share, Macbooks being more popular than PCs, and most developers preferring open source instead of Windows .NET framework (because Microsoft isn't considered "cool"). But I guess Microsoft never stopped innovating. They kept experimenting and now, doing things such as going into the hardware space with the Surface line, and now, they're cooler than Macs. They're not gonna turn into Yahoo. I can't wait till I need to replace my current macbook pro in a year or so so I can AVOID getting the new macbook pro. (Please don't dissapoint me Microsoft)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Random things I learned today about cancer and personal cancer treatment

Pros about the field:
1) growing at 17%
2) large social impact 3) family social impact (better know what the do about cancer) Cons about the field: 1) Field is saturated, high competition 2) it is a pit, you learn very specific things to cancer research 3) if you do bioinformatics and bio computation, it's even more of a pit with skills that can't transfer out Example of successful personalized and targeted cancer treatment (personalized medicine = sequence the person's DNA, and find a drug for that specific person's DNA and cancer type, as opposed to just using chemotherapy): 1) philadephia chromosome found in lukemia patients. Gleevec, drug that targets that chromose mades death rate go from 95% to 5% 2) but as soon as patient stops taking gleevec, cancer comes back 3) because there are cancer cells and cancer stem cells, each can regenerate the other, so both would have to be wipped out at the same time, but cancers can survive different attacks 4) similar thing was done for skin cancer, but drug only worked for 6 months, then cancer came back even worse than before 5) that was because targeting 1 thing about the cancer almost never works, because the cancer mutates and avoids that. 6) you need to target like 50 things about that cancer, but then that basically becomes chemotherapy 7) chemotherapy targets/kills everything, including the good stuff. Chemo takes person as close to death as possible, without killing them. 8) crispr can only cut in 1 place. 9) genetic engineering is not allowed. crispr can maybe just cut the cancer dna out of sperm, and then allow that to have healthy baby End stage cancer treatment: 1) End stage curing cancer doesn't work. Stage 3b=inoperable, stage 4 = metasized to all other organs, can't cut 2) cancer prevention works, but not treatment? 3) end stage cancer will almost never succeed, can only work in delaying 4) but, everything is just about delaying death. when most people die of old age, they probably have a cancer within them, but they just are not showing clinical symptoms yet Why prevention works and what is end-stage cancer: 1) As cancer develops, it's dna does a sort of micro-evolution, making it more and more resistant to drugs. Early on, cancer cell will detect that it's bad and try to kill itself, later on, cancer dna has developed ability to prevent killing itself. 2) Prevention = detecting cancer early on enough such that drug treatments still work. 3) Biopsy would basically be needed for such early detection, from people who feel no illness symptoms. Or, can also find patients based on familial traits. 4) prevention treatment would also involve drugs.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Types of of Rotors and Brake Pads

  • Rotors - Main job is to disperse heat. Material doesn't seem to matter as much as design
    • Blanks
    • Cross-drilled
      • Drill holes increase liklihood of cracking
      • Pretty much useless now, only good for looks
    • Slotted
    • Slotted and cross-drilled
      • Drilled part is still mainly for looks
    • Directional or uni-directional vanes
      • Even if it's a blank rotor, the vanes can be directional (so watch out whether it's on the left or right wheel)
  • Pads - Stops the car, materials actually seems to matter
    • Semi-metallic
    • Ceramic
      • More expensive
      • Less dust
      • Less initial bite

After spending 10+ hours reading up on different brakes for my car, I decided to go with cheap Pep Boys ProStop Rotors, Akebono ceramic front pads and ProStop ceramic rear pads.
I currently have Brembos and Stoptechs- all brembos on the front, stoptech pads in the back. (But StopTechs are dusty as hell.) I used to think I'd never take my car to Pep Boys, but I've changed.

I don't launch the car, track, or auto-cross it. I don't need to be buying racing parts my whole life. I just need working brakes on a daily driver. I've gone 60,000miles on my current brakes. In hindsight, I did not need to buy this fast of a car, though I only have good feelings towards it. I'll drive slowly and safely. ProStop rotors claims to follow OE for iron thickness, vane pattern, vane count, etc. I hope the ProStops work.

Some reading:
"Ur going to get haters for sure. I cant tell the difference in day to day driving and i used to have brembo slotted rotors and hawk ceramic pads. If you track the car then i would consider another option just to be safe. Check the diy section"

Long explaination of braking systems:

Some dude took Pep Boys ProStop pads to the track:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Grandparents, forever

I spent time with my grandparents yesterday. Just eating meals and sitting in our backyard (which is a really awesome backyard.)

My grandparents keep talking about the past and a lot of it is gossip, like about who owed them money from 20 years ago. A lot of it is also stories about me that I've heard time and time again. I keep wanting to tell them to stop gossipping about the past, that it's not emotionally healthy, and to look towards the future and have hope in it. But I realize that might not work for old people. What keeps me going is hope in the future, but I don't know how old people can have this...This aritcle explains about how young people look forward to change, while old people look for reminders of the past:

Another frustration is departing. My grandpa is starting to say again "after this upcoming vacation together and you move, who knows when I can see you again". He is hinting at death, and it hurts, and there is nothing I can do about it, except spend as much time with him as possible. 

There are moments when he pesters me so much about eating food or clothes to wear that I think to myself, "I can't wait to get away". But there are many more moments when I am sitting with my grandparents, and they are laughing and smiling, or I am just watching them go about their day and I can't help notice their frailness, and I can't help but think how much I'll miss them when they're not around.

Yesterday afternoon, my grandparents went back in after sitting in the backyard together. I remained outside to jump rope a bit before joining them for dinner. As I was jump roping in the southern california sunset, I was thinking about all this and I imagined what it would be like when they're not around. And how painful that would be. And why is life so finite, and death so distinct, and irreversible, and impassable. It's so frustrating.

It makes me wonder if I should just continue to be around them as much as possible whenever I'm not working, and maybe not even move away. But that won't make me most happy, and that's not what they'd really want. Since I'm currently not working, I get to be around them quite a bit, but even despite how sweet these moments are, it's not sustainable. I don't get as much work done, and I'm not as focused because they'll call me downstairs to eat or to talk. They keep mentioning how much they'll miss me when I move away, but if I stay, that's not reality, and that's not how children grow up. Children leave parents. That's life. Staying would hinder my growth, and that's ultimately not what they'd want.

I sometimes fear that every moment I spend with my grandparents will be the last of its kind. I want to stay around my grandparents whenever they talk about how much they're going to miss me. But I wouldn't be living to my fullest if I stayed around. It's what's gotta be done.

Emily Dickinson describes it well:
My life closed twice before its close— 
It yet remains to see 
If Immortality unveil 
A third event to me 

So huge, so hopeless to conceive 
As these that twice befell. 
Parting is all we know of heaven, 
And all we need of hell.

(On a side note, It also occurred to me that if I was a Christian, I can try to prevent this so that I can see my grandparents again in the future. That is, if i was a Christian and I evangelize to my grandparents and get them to also become Christians. But that doesn't appeal to me. Because that would mean I would have to sit there and tell them that they've sinned and they're actually "evil" and "sinners", and that they need to repent and seek Jesus. They are in their own minds good people. In the minds of most humans, they are also good people. I think my grandparents are quite proud, and that can be seen through their boasting about how frugal they are, and how difficult their past was, and how they're always grabbing for the crappiest remaining dish/food/vegetable on the table and mentioning it. Those behaviors of theirs do indeed annoy me.

Pride is a very toxic substance, I struggled with pride before when I used to call myself Christian, and I still struggle with it and face its toxic consequences even now, as a non-Christian. I remember Christian sermons that mentioned how there is a pervading pride and wickedness in man (and there is surely in myself too). But those sort of sermons now piss me off. God created us and allowed us to be "sinners", and I don't want to convince my grandparents that it is somehow their fault and that they need to repent. It's not their fault.)