Thursday, August 1, 2013

Homosexuality is Wrong (Even for Atheists)

My views on gay marriage changed quite a bit after a conversation with friends.

Prior to the conversation, i was slightly pro gay marriage. I thought that if two gay people wanted to marry in order to live happier lives, then they should be allowed to do so as long as they weren't infringing on the freedom/rights/happiness of others. I use to think that if the Christians were right, and God did exist, and the gays really were going to burn in hell, then that was all the more reason to allow gays to marry, so that at least they could be happy in their lifetime on earth before they suffer an eternity of hell.

But what i realized in my conversation with friends is that homosexuality is not natural. From my newly learned understanding of nature (lol), if two animals of the same gender mate, there will be no offspring. So it seems like even from an evolutionary standpoint, homosexuality isn't good for humanity.

I now think of homosexuality kind of like prostitution. They both stem from lust and if left unconstrained, they both can destroy society. Both are related to selfish desires. Both are kind of like a disease.

Ok, time for me to go watch porn.