Friday, November 25, 2016

Shitty Haikus

Today is Sunday
And tomorrow is Monday
Damn, I want a job

It is so lonely
In bed, but can’t fall asleep
To-do list, miles deep

All that I do, fails
This feeling never subsides
All that I touch, dies

Earth hurling through space
The rapid approach of dawn
5am, can’t sleep

If only I could,
git clone, branch, and merge myself.

Black friday shopping
rampant consumerism
just to save 30 bucks
at the cost of 4 hours of shopping
but some are not as fortunate to value their own time as much
and a deal is a deal
gifts need to be given and traditions need to be upheld
Even if living from paycheck to paycheck

Buying things that we don't need
Because they were on sale
To fuel that dopamine kick
At the destruction of the earth
Fucking capitalistic consumerism...

4 bucks for a cup of coffee
It's a bit expensive
Do I really want that
Swipe credit card plastic
Thank you, here you go and have a good day
I haven't touched cash in weeks
Is this real
4 bucks for a fucking coffee?

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