Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Types of of Rotors and Brake Pads

  • Rotors - Main job is to disperse heat. Material doesn't seem to matter as much as design
    • Blanks
    • Cross-drilled
      • Drill holes increase liklihood of cracking
      • Pretty much useless now, only good for looks
    • Slotted
    • Slotted and cross-drilled
      • Drilled part is still mainly for looks
    • Directional or uni-directional vanes
      • Even if it's a blank rotor, the vanes can be directional (so watch out whether it's on the left or right wheel)
  • Pads - Stops the car, materials actually seems to matter
    • Semi-metallic
    • Ceramic
      • More expensive
      • Less dust
      • Less initial bite

After spending 10+ hours reading up on different brakes for my car, I decided to go with cheap Pep Boys ProStop Rotors, Akebono ceramic front pads and ProStop ceramic rear pads.
I currently have Brembos and Stoptechs- all brembos on the front, stoptech pads in the back. (But StopTechs are dusty as hell.) I used to think I'd never take my car to Pep Boys, but I've changed.

I don't launch the car, track, or auto-cross it. I don't need to be buying racing parts my whole life. I just need working brakes on a daily driver. I've gone 60,000miles on my current brakes. In hindsight, I did not need to buy this fast of a car, though I only have good feelings towards it. I'll drive slowly and safely. ProStop rotors claims to follow OE for iron thickness, vane pattern, vane count, etc. I hope the ProStops work.

Some reading:
"Ur going to get haters for sure. I cant tell the difference in day to day driving and i used to have brembo slotted rotors and hawk ceramic pads. If you track the car then i would consider another option just to be safe. Check the diy section"

Long explaination of braking systems:

Some dude took Pep Boys ProStop pads to the track:

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