Monday, February 29, 2016

I don't need a Kindle, just a portable charger

Why I thought I needed a Kindle:
  • I will be traveling to places without internet access
  • I want to inhale books
  • I want to travel as light as possible
  • Kindles are so COOL

Amazon's Kindle claims 6 weeks of battery on one charge based on an average of HALF AN HOUR OF READING A DAY at a brightness of 10. That's 21 hours on screen on time (SOT).

My current One Plus One phone (OPO), gives about 6 hours of on screen time on a single charge. (3100 mAh battery size).

Instead of shelling out $190 for a Kindle Paperwhite 3G, I'll buy a portable battery charger for $30 (e.g. a beefy 16800 mAh one). This about quintuples my 3100 mAh cell phone battery and bumps it up to 30 hours of screen on time. And I needed to get a portable charger anyways.

And all that stuff about e-ink and better for sleeping after reading? Whatever, I'll be sleeping in cots on farms.

Ultimately, this thought won out the above thoughts:
  • I want to be as minimalistic as possible

I had a hard time deciding how big of a charger to get. This post how I eventually decided on the charger to get.

Portable chargers I was thinking of:

ZILU 16800mAh Portable Charger

HyperGear 16000mAh

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