Friday, November 21, 2014

By a thread

How do you not give up when you're just hanging by a thread?

I once asked an MMA fighter why he enjoyed MMA.
He said because it's the essence of life. Fighting.
You're literally fighting for your life. It's that feeling of when someone is on top of you, sitting on your chest and bashing your face into the ground. Fist after fist. And you're coughing, can't breath, bleeding from your nose, eyes, mouth. Blood mixed with sweat, and you're just hanging on by a thread, and you're dazed, and thinking about just giving up, just closing your eyes, just going to sleep. But instead, you clench your teeth, yell, and pull, draw up, suck out, and claw into existence whatever little willpower and energy you had into an unshakable determination to not give up or back down.
And you clench your fingers into a fist and launch it into the face your enemy and push his ass off your chest.
And you spring back to life, to light, to fight, to fight, to FIIIIIIIIGHT!!!


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