Thursday, June 13, 2013

i like making websites, because it makes me feel alive

It's 3:47 am. I usually get up for work (real work, day job, the one what pays the bills) in 3 hours. But I'm up trying to teach myself Django because i want to make website.
The website will probably be useless and end up going nowhere.

So I ask myself, why do I do this? I already design/make stuff in my day job.
It's because i want to create.
I want to affect other people's lives and know that I affected it (even if the effect is them going to my website and wasting a few seconds of their lives on it and thinking that it's a stupid website).
I want to make an impact.
I want to be have control (full control) over what my product will do and not take orders from a manager.

The easiest way to do that is through making a website i guess.

It makes me feel alive.

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