Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a major sign

i think a major sign of a quarter life crisis, mild depression, or just the fact that i'm a terrible person...
is that i have not been a man of my word during this period of my life.

and i hate it.

in these past few months it almost seems like...

every deadline i committed to, i missed
every promise i gave, i broke
every appointment i made, i was late to
every friendship i had, i strained
every temptation i met, i gave in
every test i took, i failed
every free moment i had, i wasted
every girl i wanted to speak with, i was too afraid to approach
every bridge, burned
every flower, faded
dream, dashed...

although that's an exaggeration, many days it indeed feels like it.

some possible additions to the list:
every joke i made, sucked
pimple on my face, hurt like hell

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