Sunday, July 29, 2012

the Dark Knight Rises was whatevers

There were so many annoyances:

There was a lack of action. no one even broke the sound barrier. batman's bat copter couldn't even climb up fast enough to avoid buildings.

When bruce made that jump without the rope that got him out of the well, he didn't even take a running start. in all the previous jumps he had a running start and he still missed.

Bruce then went from some prison hole in the middle east or africa to gotham in like a day, while he was a broke man with no cash. did he take a boat?

How did those people in that prison hole get food? did they have a farm down there too?

Why were the doctors and the other dude still in that prison hole? didn't the girl's father come and clean that place up?

The sex was a one night stand and pretty damn useless of a scene. the movie basically gave sex less value than kisses

Why would batman and catwoman talk and kiss when there was only a couple of minutes until that nuke exploded. (well she was pretty hot, i'd probably do the same and think in my head "i will risk the lives of 12 million people to kiss this one hot cat woman")

They started showing bane's gentle side in those flashbacks when he's shown as the savior of an orphan, it was so painfully confusing. at first bane was pure evil, but he was actually a caring friend? and his love and loyalty to his friend tate was so deep. it seemed like he wasn't even looking to get sex out of it. not even a kiss, because he has that mask covering his mouth. where on the other hand, our hero bruce has sex with tate in an instant.

How can tate be so patient for 30 years, all the while putting on a fake smile and living the high life that she supposedly hates, and is actually having bane destroy that system. she was like the 3rd richest person in the movie. how did she get that rich?

Those missiles chasing the bat copter were extremely, extremely slow.

How did bane get everyone to submit to him?

I agree with this review:

"Part of the problem is the storytelling in the script by Nolan, his brother Jonathan and David Goyer. As in “The Dark Knight,” that urge to operate on a grand scale results only in a grandiosity that, ultimately, becomes a bit silly, even nonsensical."

"Hell, I’d say that anyone forecasting serious Oscar love for this lumpish, tedious film has been smoking too much of that potent, prescription California weed. “The Dark Knight Rises” rarely gets off the ground. It’s certainly not Oscar material."

lol, that potent, prescription california weed.

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  1. 2) batman bat copter is gd vehicle and can do that and if u got problems u can take it up with bruce
    1) bruce dont need run becos his legs is good
    3) no cos boat NO
    4) they ate food god u dont see african complainin about not food
    5) poo
    6) sex poo
    7) u sed she wos hot and bombs are hot so its deep about life and socialism tissues
    8) bane is actually patman batmans long lost gay brother from miami
    9) he is patient
    10) missiles are slow because its the 50s probably
    11) cos