Thursday, June 7, 2012

transferred out of godaddy and into namecheap

transferring domains is much more of a hassle than buying a new domain.
after some research trying to compare 1and1 vs namecheap vs godaddy. namecheap was the best deal. with a coupon i found on google, it only cost $49 and some cents to transfer 6 domains and keep them registered for a year at namecheap (this included namecheap's privacy protection: whois guard). godaddy was charging me $117 to renew those 6 domains with privacy (and that's with a discount too).

in summary the steps are:
1. unlocking the domains on godaddy (through godaddy website)
2. getting each domain's eep code from godaddy (through godaddy website)
3. canceling/unlocking privacy on those domains (through search your email for your DBP account number. it's a pain)
4. adding those domains onto namecheap (enter the eep as well)
5. then you'll get an email about the transfers from namecheap's (do what it tells you)
6. finally, authorize the pending transfer on godaddy
if you don't get an email in step 5, go into godaddy and check what you set the admin email to. once you correct that email, go in namecheap and click resend

i found that this site had the best directions on how to transfer domains out of
and i also used this site:

this process took the whole night, and leaving godaddy was almost a bit saddening after being with them for several years, but i think it was the morally right thing to do.


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